Our Australian Story Continues

MONDAH is a striking lineal woven design that creates sensory openness in our interior spaces, alongside our latest fabric release, Terrona. Mondah offers a contrasting solution with its design, subtle but attractive colour choices, allowing a soothing effect with its tones across your window furnishings.

Throughout the MONDAH range, the colour palette and weave we have developed offer a subtle experience, a quality Australian made solution.

Mondah is a neighbour to Terrona in north western NSW, part of the journey and connection that we are bringing to you at Scott Free (Aust). As part of the larger Terrona property and home, which encompasses some of the original soldiers settlements for the area, parcels of land for ex-servicemen and their families to grow their families, Mondah showcases wide open spaces, which we have emulated in the weave of the fabric.

Mondah is our latest Australian design, another step of our growing Australian fabric collection.