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Material Handling

Moving fabrics and tubes around a work environment can cause a few issues. Both with OHS and the increase in the require manpower to move long and heavy items from one place to another.

From our own experiences, it lead us to seek out and develop helpful tools relevant to our industries unique issues. We can now offer solutions such as Roll Lifters or Trolleys, just a start to our material handling options.

Our Roll Lifter is a durable and versatile bit of equipment. Having a 400kg capacity, 1.5m lift height, which is perfect for table or racking loading, and will spin on a dime. The wheel base makes this the flagship of our solutions for our industry. Add roll trolleys for moving multiple rolls or to be simply used as a storage solution, plus our Part trolleys for picking stock, we have the ability that we can tailor a system to you needs, colour and capacity, these all can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Have a look at our video to view the roll lifter in action.

Product Ranges

Roll Lifter

Roll Trolley

Parts Trolley

Floor Scales

Sacrificial Plastic

Plastic Sleeve

Thermal Tape

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