New Fabric Design Combining A Shared History

The Scott Family, from Scott Free (Aust) has a very personal connection to the family property in north western NSW. TERRONA was where lifelong connections were formed and where the beauty of the surrounding lands could be seen for miles from the front porch. The subtle changes in the landscape, the sweeping views through the seasons, a place that has been made into a home.

TERRONA, has endured and thrived throughout our sometimes unrelenting harsh summers, our chilling winters, our devastating droughts and floods, but lives on in the hearts of all who call TERRONA home.

Scott Free (Aust), with our unique and personal insight, have developed a new fabric design, a woven fabric paralleled by the changing seasons one can view at TERRONA.

Across our shared experiences throughout the years, our new Australian made fabric, TERRONA is our way to honour the family and the home where our lives truly began. Our personal ties to TERRONA makes this range a tribute to the people, the land and the foundations of our family.

Terrona brings to you a softened horizontal designed fabric, characteristic of the wide open spaces from its inspirational origins. A colour palette of modern hues, broadens its appeal, offering an open visual solution for a warming residential room, to stunning visually wide installations in a commercial space. Terrona is reminiscent of its name sake, with open spectacular views, and a warmth and comfort for those that call it home.

This stunning new fabric range has launched as a Roller, Roman and Panel blind fabric. We would love to share more of our experiences with you. Call us on (07) 5679 1920 to register your interest in our new fabric TERRONA.